Tebu community is an indigenous Itsekiri rural community in Warri Kingdom. Tebu Community was founded by Ifie and Eyengho who are the children of Uwankun and Otete. It is located along the creek of Olero, Benin River in Warri North Local Government Area of present-day Delta State, Nigeria.

History has it that after a dispute between a once confidant to the king, Uwankun, the Uwangue of Warri Kingdom and the King, Olu Ikengbuwa, He moved from Ode Itsekiri with his household (wives, children and domestic servants) to later settle in Jakpa founding several Itsekiri villages in the process. Ifie, who was one of his eldest sons, had a practice not to live with but to settle not too far from his father on every stop during the journey. Hence Ifie founded the Tebu community which is very close to Jakpa, carrying along with him Eyengho his youngest sibling from the same mother Otete (Otete, their mother is from the Oshoron family stoke of Egbokodo community in present-day Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State).

Another aspect of oral history had it that Tebu encompassing Gbokoda then was in existence as a commercial hub of ancient Benin river axis but not as a community or settlement of a specific family or persons claiming ownership to it.

Geography and governance structure

Located in latitude of 5.846017 and longitude of 5.110471. Tebu community is 11 meters/36.09 feet above sea level. Her border communities include Jakpa, Gbokoda, Deleoketa, Aja-metan and Udo while her postcode is 331104. 

Tebu is structured by the Independent Electoral Commission as a political ward namely; Tebu ward with four (4) polling units.

Some Benin River Communities including Tebu Community



Several families now call the Tebu community home and they are descendants of Ifie and Eyengho. The major family tree recognised by the community is Ifie and Eyengho. Some of the families under the Ifie dynasty include Tongbe, Ofoeyenor, Tuoyo etc. While that of Eyengho includes Moju, Wilkie, Ojumude, etc.

Popular Personalities from the Community

  1. Late Pa. Jonathan Ofoeyeno (Former Local Government Chairman of the then Warri Local Government Area)
  2. Dr . Jeffrey Wilkie (First indigene of Tebu Community to obtain a PhD).
  3. Hon. Tosan Wilkie (Former Local Government Vice-Chairman and present PDP Local Government Chairman, both in Warri North Local Government Area).
  4. Late Pa. Abiloye Johnson Ojumude.
  5. Mr. Canaan Ajagbawa

Community Resources

Tebu community is one of the richest Itsekiri communities in terms of resources. It has an abundance of Crude oil and is one of the host communities to the popular Olero Creek/Field which is a Chevron facility. The field has close to 200 oil wells. The Field is named after the Ifie deity called Olero. 

Other resources found in Tebu Community include palm products, Coconut, Mango, Cashew, Fishing and lastly, Raffia Palm which used to be a major resource in this community but not anymore. 



Tebu Community currently has no school. The nearest school is located in Gbokoda community which is about 3 kilometres away. 

Health Facility

There is currently no health facility in Tebu Community. so as that of the school, the nearest health centre is located in Gbokoda Community while serious health cases are refered to either Sapele or Koko.

Religious Facilities

The community is host to traditional worshippers and modern influence Christianity. The community has a traditional shrine likewise the free will of Christians in the community to establish her worship centres.

Banking Facility

There is no bank facility in the community. Nevertheless, POS shops run by individuals are readily available for financial transactions.

Community Governance

The community has a governance structure in place like most Itsekiri communities. The structure includes a youth body, a management committee and a council of elders headed by an Olare-aja (oldest man (some communities use women like Usele) in the community).

Youth Body

  1. Mr Orighoye Bemigho (Youth Chairman)
  2. Mr JK.Omajugho (Youth Secretary)
  3. Mr Bawo Jojo (PRO)
  4. Mr. Quincy Omamogho (Fin. Sec.)
  5. MR. Quincy Awala (Assistant Sec.)
  6. Mr. Rapheal Tuoyo (Treasurer)

Community Management Committee

  1. Deacon Godwin OGBARO (Chairman) 
  2. Dr Jeffrey Wilkie (Secretary)
  3. Mr Dickson Asifor(PRO)
  4. Deacon Philip Ofeoritse (Financial Secretary)
  5. Mr Francis Jemerigbe (Treasurer)
  6. Mr Macson Ebiereneyin (Vice-chairman)
  7. Mr Pedro Asifor(Assistant Secretary)
  8. Odemi Wilkie (Women Leader)


Rev. Jackson Tuoyo


A popular festival in Tebu community is the Olero Festival. Tebu community like most Itsekiri communities are also good dancers of Omoko dance. 

News about Tebu Community


By Aliwere