Tourism and Hospitality in Warri Kingdom

Working towards a better Warri Kingdom

Tourism and Hospitality are essential industries for the Itsekiri Nation as they are critical in helping to preserve the rich art, history and cultural aspects of the Itsekiri people resulting in socioeconomic growth of Warri Kingdom.

Tourism as an industry contributes significantly to the Itsekiri Nation as it provides direct and indirect job possibilities to a broad segment of the population living within Warri Kingdom.

Warri Kingdom Tourist Locations

Olu of Warri Palace (Aghofen), Warri

Olu of Warri Palace, Aghofen, Warri

This is the Olu of Warri Palace located between Ugbori and Ajamimogha Communities in Warri metropolis. 

Olu of Warri Palace (Aghofen), Ode-Itsekiri

Olu of Warri Palace, Ode-Itsekiri (Big Warri)
Olu of Warri Palace, Ode-Itsekiri (Big Warri)

This is the Olu of Warri Palace located at Ode-Itsekiri community. This is the older of the two Palaces as it is located in the ancestral capital of Warri Kingdom.

Nanna Living History Museum, Nanna Town, Koko

Tourism in Warri Kingdom
Nanna Living History Museum, Koko

The Nanna Living History Museum is located in Koko Town, Warri North Local Government Area.

It holds the history of the fourth Gofine (Governor) of the Benin River, Chief Nanna Olomu of Ebrohimi. The palace was built by Nanna after his return from exile. 

St Anthony Church (Satoni), Ode-Itsekiri

St Anthony Church (Satoni), Ode-Itsekiri

St Anthony Church is the first Church to be built in Nigeria.It is located at Ode-Itsekiri.

Rewane Villa, Ode-Itsekiri

Tourist attraction in Warri Kingdom
Rewane Villa, Ode-Itsekiri

Built many years ago and located at Ode-Itsekiri is this beautiful and elegant Rewane Villa. It was built by the Rewane family. 

Warri Royal Cemetery, Ijala

Olu Ijijen tree at the Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetery

The Warri Royal Cemetery is the burial ground for all Olu of Warri that ever ruled Warri Kingdom. It is located at Ijala in Warri. 

Ecotourism Park in Warri
Falcorp Mangrove Park, Ijala Ikenren

The Falcorp Mangrove Park established by Henry Erikowa is a move to promote eco and leisure tourism, situated in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. 

911 Beach And Resort

911 Beach And Resort Akpakpa Ajudaibo, Escravos

Along the Escravos river in Ugborodo is the beautiful 911 Beach And Resort at Akpakpa Ajudaibo, Ugborodo. It is a beautiful place to relax away from home. 

Rewane Villa, Warri

Warri Tourist attraction
Atuwatse ll on his way out of Idaniken from Rewane Villa

Rewane Villa was built by the Rewane’s many years ago to host events. This structure still stands today and is a tourist attraction to those wanting to understand the history of Warri.

Pacific House Sapele built in 1920 by Chief Olumaro Sagay

Pacific House Sapele was built in 1920 by the Late Chief Olumaro Sagay. The architect was a Brazilian and married Chief Olumaro’s daughter. The building is along Market Road, opposite old Bata stores in Sapele. 

First storey building in Koko Town

First storey building in Koko Town built by Chief Ede Ogbugbu

This is the first storey building in Koko town and was built by Chief Ede Ogbugbu. It is in Ajaogbugbu quarters, along Total Road in Nanna Town, Koko.

Opuaro Museum, Ubeji, Warri

The Opuaro musuem is located at Ubeji community. It is owned by Chief Wilson Olley and carries some Warri Kingdom historical materials.