Communities of Warri Kingdom

Warri Kingdom is made up of many communities that are scattered accross Delta State and Edo State. These communities were formed many years ago and each have their own unique story.

Below is a list of the communities that make up Warri Kingdom.

S/No Name of Community LGA State
1 Ikpisan Warri South Delta
2 Ifiekporo Warri South Delta
3 Aja-Etan Warri South Delta
4 Ijala Warri South Delta
5 Egbokodo Warri South Delta
6 Ubeji Warri South Delta
7 Aja Osolor Warri South Delta
8 Uwakeno Warri South Delta
9 Ugboritseduwa Warri South Delta
10 Obodo Warri South Delta
11 Odogene Warri South Delta
12 Omadino Warri South Delta
13 Orere Uluba Warri South Delta
14 Ukpokiti Warri South Delta
15 Orugbo Warri South Delta
16 Ugbuwangue Warri South Delta
17 Ekurede Warri South Delta
18 Dale Warri South Delta
19 Ajaiyemiduokori Warri South Delta
20 Aja-Okugbawa Warri South Delta
21 Aja-Moore Warri South Delta
22 Ugbori Warri South Delta
23 Odion Warri South Delta
24 Iyara Warri South Delta
25 Merogun Warri South Delta
26 Ajamimogha Warri South Delta
27 Okere Warri South Delta
28 Ode-Itsekiri Warri South Delta
29 Otumara Warri South Delta
30 Aja-Igba Warri South Delta
31 Usele Warri South Delta
32 Ugbodede Warri South Delta
33 Inorin Warri South Delta
34 Uba-Erire Warri South Delta
35 Aja-Okuololo Warri South Delta
36 Aja-Enetsemi Warri South Delta
37 Aja-Dediare Warri South Delta
38 Aji-Pessu Warri South Delta
39 Ogedegbe Warri South Delta
40 Usele Kporo Warri South Delta
41 Ajimami Warri South Delta
42 Ugbegungun Warri South-West Delta
43 Ijaghala Warri South-West Delta
44 Madangho Warri South-West Delta
45 Ajudaibo Warri South-West Delta
46 Ogidigben Warri South-West Delta
47 Ode-Ugborodo Warri South-West Delta
48 Bateren Warri South-West Delta
49 Deghele Warri South-West Delta
50 Kantu Warri South-West Delta
51 Orere Warri South-West Delta
52 Olobe Warri South-West Delta
53 Orubu Warri South-West Delta
54 Uba-Ikoto Warri South-West Delta
55 Agogboro Warri South-West Delta
56 Sara-kporo Warri South-West Delta
57 Sara-tie Warri South-West Delta
58 Akpakpa Warri South-West Delta
59 Ugbologin Warri South-West Delta
60 Kpokpo Warri South-West Delta
61 Okiti-Mekpe Warri South-West Delta
62 Costain Warri South-West Delta
63 Ole-tie Warri South-West Delta
64 Abe-Bobi Warri South-West Delta
65 Orubu-Bobi Warri South-West Delta
66 Orubu-Aja-Owe Warri South-West Delta
67 Kpakoto Warri South-West Delta
68 Ugbo-Origho-eran Warri South-West Delta
69 Atsuran Warri South-West Delta
70 Aja-Ojigbi Warri South-West Delta
71 Orere-Yanagho Warri South-West Delta
72 Aja-eje Warri South-West Delta
73 Orumegege Warri South-West Delta
74 Aja-Ukpotofen Warri South-West Delta
75 Ago-kutu Warri South-West Delta
76 Akpakpa aja-uda Warri South-West Delta
77 Koko Warri North Delta
78 Aja-ugbodundun Warri North Delta
79 Korobe Warri North Delta
80 Eghoro Warri North Delta
81 Ebrohimi Warri North Delta
82 Tisun Warri North Delta
83 Gbokoda Warri North Delta
84 Udo Warri North Delta
85 Arun-Olero Warri North Delta
86 Tebu Warri North Delta
87 Jakpa Warri North Delta
88 Dele oketa Warri North Delta
89 Ebokiti Warri North Delta
90 Ugbe-ege Warri North Delta
91 Ogheye Warri North Delta
92 Ajameren Warri North Delta
93 Ototo Warri North Delta
94 Gogo-egin Warri North Delta
95 Atankpiki Warri North Delta
96 Utunlila Warri North Delta
97 Ubiroh Warri North Delta
98 Ugbotosan Warri North Delta
99 Ologbo Warri North Delta
100 Ureju Warri North Delta
101 Gogogin-obi Warri North Delta
102 Ubokoro Warri North Delta
103 Ugbo-eyen-itongbe Warri North Delta
104 Abeugborodo Warri North Delta
105 Arowun Warri North Delta
106 Ureju Warri North Delta
107 Bresibi Warri North Delta
108 Aja-itongbe Warri North Delta
109 Oke Warri North Delta
110 Jakpa-tie Warri North Delta
111 Eke-kporo Warri North Delta
112 Eke-tie Warri North Delta
113 Uba-imagoro Warri North Delta
114 Oroke Warri North Delta
115 Obonti-eghareda Warri North Delta
116 Ogheye-eghoroke Warri North Delta
117 Ogheye-dimigun Warri North Delta
118 Usor Warri North Delta
119 Kolokolo Warri North Delta
120 Ugboegbelemeji Warri North Delta
121 Egheyo Warri North Delta
122 Jamani Warri North Delta
123 Sumuge Warri North Delta
124 Agogboro Warri North Delta
125 Agokutu Warri North Delta
126 Ajisobo Warri North Delta
127 Ugbosien Sapele Delta
128 Ugbekoko Sapele Delta
129 Obontie Sapele Delta
130 Aja-Ojigwo Sapele Delta
131 Ogun Aja Ugbege Sapele Delta
132 Ajimele Sapele Delta
133 Elume – partly Itsekiri Sapele Delta
134 Arowun Sapele Delta
135 Enaso Sapele Delta
136 Adaka Sapele Delta
137 Ugbolokposo Uvwie Delta
138 Aja Uma Uvwie Delta
139 Aja OgunOyibo Okpe Delta
140 Ajatiton Okpe Delta
141 Aja Ogolo Okpe Delta
142 Aragba Okpe Delta
143 Aghalokpe Okpe Delta
144 Egbogidi Udu Delta
145 Efurokpe Ethope East Delta
146 Oyeaja Ethope East Delta
147 Ekwobodo Ethope East Delta
148 Ibirifo Ethope East Delta
149 Owe Ethope East Delta
150 Efo Ethope East Delta
151 Fole Ethope East Delta
152 Enasun Ethope East Delta
153 Ajatiton – (Mosogha) Ethope East Delta
154 Ajaenesan – (Jesse) Ethope East Delta
155 Gbomoya – (Jesse) Ethope East Delta
156 Ologbo Ikpoba‐Okha Edo
157 Ikare Akoko Edo Edo
158 Ajoki Ikpoba‐Okha Edo
159 Aja Mogha Ikpoba‐Okha Edo
160 Kolokolo Ikpoba‐Okha Edo
161 Ikaunas (Ekehuan) Ovia North East Edo
162 Ugbo Ovia South East Edo
163 Erume Edo