Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi (J.P.)
It is always an emotionally excruciating feeling to say goodbye; I don’t mean that kind of good bye that is terrestrial but one that is celestial. Having to say it to Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi, (J.P.) was yet another difficult one. I was just getting to warm up to him when he bowed out to the world beyond.
I have been mute because as a firm believer in life after death, I don’t subscribe to the danger of saying things I don’t mean especially about a departed one.
Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi (J.P.)
Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi (J.P.)
I did not know him long enough to jump on the stage ahead of any other person to talk about him. I came in proximate contact with him for the first time in 2017 when I was preparing for the conferment of the chieftaincy of Egogo of Warri Kingdom on me.
From an early stage in life I had developed a personal strategy of asking questions from those ahead of me whom I believe could help me understand a process or a subject I am not familiar with. It was that drive that propelled me to seek and secure an early evening appointment with Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi, (J.P.) at his residence in 2017.
I never knew I would become a Chief one day so when I was invited for the honour I was not logically prepared for it but had to seek the knowledge of those I saw and could trust to assist me succeed because I have a phobia for poor performances.
Ojoyes of Warri Kingdom paying their last respect to Chief C.D. Ikomi
That it was Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi, (J.P.) I settled down for should tell you what kind of man he appeared to me to be.
I met with him as planned and the meeting was as long as 4 hours leading to another, and another meeting. For one his smile was most inviting.

Lessons from Chief Deacon (Dr) Charles Dexter Ikomi, (J.P.)

1. He was a person who never cared about what you thought of him if he was convinced in what he was doing. He made me constantly but quietly, sing that song of Whitney Houston, Greatest love of all; part of which reads: “I decided, long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows, if I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe, because the greatest, love of all is happening to me…”. The danger with this kind of living is what he suffered constantly; frequent and successful gang ups. I guess that he was such a good man for such a wrong time.
2. He was a financially prudent person which earned him the position of Treasurer in most of the committees he served on that I know of.
3. He was a martially faithful man; a masculine discipline that is fast becoming outdated.
4. On the negative side which I believe should have made him stay longer; he was just too stubborn. That, I am hoping I will not learn from him. I hold that against him because I am convinced beyond reasonable doubts that if he shifted grounds just a little bit about when to seek medical care just maybe the outcome would have been different. However, the Reverend who preach at his interment said that it was his time to go. Well, I have also learnt that the spiritual rules the physical. May be it was his time after all.
I could not hold the tears but because men don’t cry, as we all know, I had to excuse myself at a point to rest my head and keep my eyes dry. I really miss you Osimili! May the place where you are now be beautiful and may you experience eternal bless.
We love you but God loves you more. Till we meet to part no more, Adieu!!
Chief Robinson Ariyo
The Egogo of Warri Kingdom