Warri Kingdom is home to the Itsekiri people. This website seeks to inform, promote and disseminate news about Warri Kingdom to Itsekiris worldwide and those who seek to learn about the tribe.

Itsekiri, also called Oma Iwere, Jekri, Isekiri, or Ishekiri are a Nigerian ethnic group inhabiting the westernmost part of the Niger River delta of extreme southern Nigeria.  The Itsekiris speak a Yoruboid language of the Benue-Congo branch of Niger-Congo languages and share elements of culture with the Yoruba, Edo, Ilaje, Urhobo and Ijaw through a variety of contacts.

The Itsekiris live on the coast in an area of extensive mangrove swamps and freshwater wetlands. Their land is blessed with Crude Oil and other resources. Itsekiri land produces a sizeable percentage of the crude oil used to run Nigeria. The Itsekiris used to be primarily fishermen and tradesmen but that has changed with a lot of Itsekiris now in different fields of human endeavours. 

The entirety of the Warri Kingdom which is all the communities that make up the Kingdom has some of the best views on earth. This coupled with our rich cultural heritage makes Warri Kingdom a destination for tourism.   



We are one group of people united by our love for our kingdom and mutually work together, for the greater good of the Itsekiri nation


We all speak a common language; no matter where our people are, and this has been intact for over 500 years.


We are loyal to and revere our King. Therefore, he rules over a great kingdom. This is why Warri Kingdom is over 500 years old. Long live the King!

The Itsekiri People

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