2023 Ugborodo Day Culture in diversity 2023Itsekiri Ukueke dress

In the spirit of unity and cultural diversity, the Ugborodo community in Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State recently hosted their much-anticipated annual event, the 2023 Ugborodo Day. Themed “Culture in Diversity – We Must Learn to Love,” the celebration took place on the 25th of December and drew a sizable crowd of enthusiastic guests eager to witness the colourful spectacle.

The event, held in the heart of Ugborodo community, showcased a harmonious blend of traditions from various tribes, exemplifying the rich cultural tapestry that defines Nigeria. The highlight of the day was the diverse cultural displays featuring participants adorned in exquisite attires representing the Itsekiri, Calabar, Urhobo, and Ijaw tribes.

2023 Ugborodo Day Culture in diversity 20232023 Ugborodo Culture in diversity Day

One of the standout moments of the cultural extravaganza was the presentation of the popular Ukueke dressing of the Itsekiri people. Two adult females and a young girl graced the stage, each donning the intricate Ukueke attire with a unique touch. The first lady captivated the audience with glorious gold jewellery and red wrapper, while the second chose silver jewellery to complement her blue wrapper. The young girl, a budding representation of tradition, also embraced the Ukueke dressing, embodying the continuity of cultural heritage.

The men, too, made a striking appearance, with an adult male showcasing the grandeur of the Itsekiri Ukueke dress. Dressed in regal coral beads, he wielded an okpa (walking stick) and proudly wore the Itsekiri hat adorned with a feather. The ensemble was completed with meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the significance of the attire in Itsekiri culture. A young boy took on the role of an Itsekiri Chief, mirroring the elegance and grace of his adult counterpart.

The event went beyond mere visual splendour; it symbolized a collective effort to foster love and understanding among diverse communities. The participants, irrespective of their tribal backgrounds, came together to celebrate the beauty of their differences, sending a powerful message that unity is not only possible but essential for the progress of society.

As the echoes of cultural rhythms and the vibrant hues of traditional attire lingered in the air, Ugborodo community demonstrated the importance of embracing and cherishing cultural diversity. The 2023 Ugborodo Day will undoubtedly be remembered as a momentous occasion that celebrates not only the uniqueness of each tribe but also the shared bonds that connect us all. In the words of the theme, it was a day that echoed the sentiment that, “We Must Learn to Love” – a lesson that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with the universal spirit of humanity.

By Aliwere