The young Itsekiris showing they have learnt how to greet Ogiame Atuwatse III

On Saturday the 2nd of March 2024, the community of Okere buzzed with anticipation as Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR, the revered Olu of Warri, graced their presence. This auspicious occasion was part of the grand festivities commemorating Ghigho Aghofen, a cultural celebration steeped in tradition and heritage.

As the Olu’s entourage arrived, the air was filled with excitement and reverence, with locals adorned in colorful traditional attire, eager to welcome their esteemed ruler. The streets resonated with rhythmic drumbeats and joyous songs, echoing the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Amidst cheers and chants, Ogiame Atuwatse III stepped out, exuding regal grace and dignity, embodying the embodiment of tradition and leadership. His presence invoked a sense of pride and unity among the gathered crowd, as they eagerly awaited his address. His visit not only honored the traditions of Okere but also served as a testament to the enduring bond between the Olu and his people.

As the sun set on this memorable day, the echoes of Ogiame Atuwatse III’s visit lingered, leaving behind a sense of camaraderie and cultural pride that would resonate throughout the community for years to come.

Pictures below.