As part of activities to rebrand Warri Kingdom following the successful coronation of Ogiame Atuwatse III and subsequent commencement of new events in Warri Kingdom, the Iwere Sports Centre would be hosting the first ever edition of Koko Marathon race in February. It would be the biggest and probably loudest event of its kind in Koko Town in ages with a fantastically vibrant atmosphere guaranteed for all who turn up either as runners, volunteers or spectators.

The Koko Marathon race is a 10 kilometre race which would start from the Koko Junction and finish at Koko Town Centre. The Koko Marathon race has been tagged “Running for Peace” by the organisers, Iwere Sports Centre. The event which promises to bring together all lovers of sports in Warri Kingdom would feature long distance runners within and around Warri Kingdom. As a result of this, all Itsekiri communities are encouraged to register at least one runner to participate in the Koko Marathon race.

The organisers, Iwere Sports Centre is a sports development platform with a vision to revive sports in Warri Kingdom. They successfully hosted a table tennis championship last year which was supported by Esimaje Foundation and Warri Progressive Society (Otonloye) at Otonloye Hall, Ugbori. The Table Tennis championship helped with discovering new talents in Table Tennis with some now inducted into Shell and Warri Table Tennis Clubs. Iwere Sports Cenrte believes promoting Itsekiri through sports is not an easy task but achievable and they are ready to make it a vision worth fighting for. Warri kingdom will surely be great again through sports.

For registration, sponsorship, branding and advert placement for the Koko Marathon Race, please call the numbers in the flyer. Now more than ever, we need your support. Donate your time, money or voice, join to promote the event, or get your company involved – you can make a real difference today!

Koko Marathon Race