Oma-Olubi Cultural Group Dancers

Koko, Delta State, December 18, 2023 — The vibrant and culturally rich Oma-Olubi Cultural Festival took center stage over the weekend in Koko, the headquarters of Warri North Local Government Area, Delta State. This eagerly anticipated event marked the group’s first festival since 2012, and it proved to be a spectacular celebration of Itsekiri heritage.

The festival, held at the Ebeji compound in Koko town, captivated attendees with a three-day extravaganza from Friday, December 15th, through Sunday, December 17th, 2023. Each day featured morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, showcasing the diversity of Itsekiri masquerades and dance presentations by the Oma-Olubi cultural group.

The festivities kicked off on the first day with the mesmerizing presentation of the Ayoko-numa masquerade in the morning, followed by the Ajamala masquerade at noon. The cultural showcase continued on Saturday morning with the presentation of the Jabajaba masquerade, followed by the seafish masquerade at noon and the unique Orubeni masquerade in the evening, characterized by a striking black single masquerade and two red masquerades.

Oma-Olubi Cultural Festival 2023

The grand finale on the last day featured the Iyadile masquerade in the afternoon, showcasing the richness of Itsekiri traditions. The evening was further illuminated by a captivating omoko dance presentation, adding an extra layer of cultural flair to the festival’s conclusion.

The event, which attracted a considerable number of visitors, provided a unique opportunity for attendees to witness and appreciate the distinctive cultural heritage of the Itsekiri people of the Warri Kingdom. The Oma-Olubi cultural group’s performances were met with awe and admiration, solidifying the festival’s reputation as a must-attend cultural extravaganza.

Visitors and locals alike marveled at the elaborate costumes, intricate dance routines, and the overall grandeur of the masquerade displays. The festival not only entertained but also served as a platform for preserving and promoting the rich cultural tapestry of the Itsekiri community.

As the echoes of the Oma-Olubi Cultural Festival linger in the air, it is evident that the event has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who experienced the magic of Itsekiri heritage in all its glory. The organizers and participants are already looking forward to the next edition, anticipating an even more vibrant celebration of culture and tradition.

Credit: Philip Daibo for the pictures and updates on Facebook