Ikpisan community dancers

Ikpisan community is an Itsekiri community located in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State. The community is located along the main Warri River heading towards Forcados. The Ikpisan Community was founded by Opuowe.

Geography and Governmental Structure 

Ikpisan community is located in latitude of 5°30’10.2″N and longitude of 5°43’21.7″E. It is situated alongside other Itsekiri communities namely Aja-Enetsemi, Aja-Egbe(Ighodemi), Aja-William Moore, Aja-Ukugbawa, Aja-Ekpeminagha/Aja-Popo, Aja-Efejuku, Aja-Iyemiduokori, Aja-Okuololo and Aja-Eyinsan.


Several families now call Ikpisan community home. Pa Opuowe birthed three children namely Ogbankomi, Mero and Ometoruwa. They lived together as a family and were later joined by other families. 

Popular Personalities from the Community

  1. A very popular personality from the Ikpisan community is Pa. Omajuwa Mero Metsese who is a very social man. 

Ikpisan Community Resources

There are claims of Ikpisan community having crude oil as a natural resource with some oil wells located within the island. Shell Nigeria previously sent personnels to the community but this has not progressed since they last came to the community. The community also has a huge land which can be explored for several activities. It is also very close to main Warri by boat as a typical boat ride should be around 15 minutes. The community is close to the river and as such, fishing is a major resource that can be explored. 

Institutions located at Ikpisan Community


The community currently has no school. The nearest school is located at Ode-Itsekiri community which is about 3 kilometres away. There are also several schools in Warri city that can be accessed by students using boats. 

Health Facility

There is currently no health facility at Ikpisan Community. The nearest health centre is located at Ode-Itsekiri Community while serious health cases are referred to Warri General Hospital.

Religious Facilities

The community is host to both traditional worshippers and modern influence Christianity. The community has a traditional shrine likewise the free will of Christians in the community to establish her worship centres.

Banking Facility

There is no bank facility in the community. 

Ikpisan Community Governance

The community has a governance structure in place like most Itsekiri communities. In terms of hierarchy of governance,  Ogiame Atuwatse III is the head of the community and this is followed by the Olare Aja of the community. There is a council of elders which takes decisions alongside the Olare Aja. They are followed by a Community Management Committee also known as Community Trust. Their role is supplemented by a Youth Body and there is the Women wing.   

Youth Body

1Orighoye Ogbankomi EtuweweChairman
2Elvis OmetoruwaVice Chairman
3Misan Okoro OgbegbeSecretary

Community Management Committee

1Johnbull AgbankomiChairman
2John Mero OritsemolebiVice Chairman
3Florence OgbankomiSecretary


PA. Omajuwa Mero Metsese

Olare Aja of Ikpisan Community
Pa Omajuwa Mero Metsese, Olare Aja of Ikpisan Community



Ikpisan community dances the very unique Ulu Ijeke. The community is rich in culture which is evident in their dance presentation at the burial ceremony of Ogiame Ikenwoli. A single drum is used with different gong type (Agogo) and children allowed to get in on the act as well.

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Ulu Ijeke by Ikpisan Community


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