Ogiame visits Omadino communityPa O. D. Edukugho, the Olare Aja of Omadino community and other indigenes of Omadino community

Omadino community in Warri Kingdom announces an annual Nenuwa day celebration (Ulu Nenuwa). This is on the back of the community harnessing the peace and tranquillity which now pervades the once rancorous Omadino community which was facilitated by His Royal Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III. It will be recalled that Omadino community recently handed over to Okotomu-Irigbo community during Ghigho Aghofen. In the three months before that, they have enjoyed a scintillating Ghigho Aghofen experience were they spent time at the Olu of Warri Palace entertaining guests with their unique dance steps.

  • Ogiame visits Omadino community
  • Nenuwa Day
  • Omadino dancers
  • 3rd edition of Ghigho Aghofen
  • Nenuwa Day
  • Nenuwa Day

The Chairman of Omadino community, Mr. Tuoyo Mogbeyiteren presented the idea of an annual Nenuwa feast to the elders and people of Omadino community. This was received with much enthusiasm and was widely accepted by the community. The feast which is tagged NENUWA DAY CELEBRATION, is intended to re-enact the ways of our forefathers, while fostering Unity, Togetherness, Harmony and Friendship among brother (and sisters of course). Additionally, it will showcase the rich cultural heritage of our people as a practical way of handing same to the next generation. This will also help to bolster the tourism potentials of the community.

The first edition of Nenuwa Day celebration is slated for the 11th day of December 2022, at Omadino town. During the event, Nenuwa Album will be launched. It promises to be a worthy experience. It will be recalled that Omadino community are descendants of Nenuwa. The community is one of the oldest in Warri Kingdom and they are in the exclusive list of aboriginal communities. Omadino community predates Olu Ginuwa I as the Olu of Warri.

By Aliwere