Instruments used for the Maba dance
Source: Gedu Toritseju
As Jakpa Community in Warri North LGA prepares to take center stage to perform in the burial rites of our demised Olu, Ogiame Ikenwoli, let’s take a peep at the dance from my beloved paternal community.
The MABA dance is a spiritual and highly cultural dance of Uwangue only performed for the Olu of Warri or the person that bears the title of Uwangue.
The dance is as old as Jakpa community itself. Unlike every other dance, women do not take centre stage but behind the men. Also, women do not tie their wrapper on their chest but on their waist. The beautiful “Otuosi” used by women is not allowed in this type of dance. The instruments used for this dance is also unique and special, they are the “orgbon” “papaa” and the “maba”.
The Orgbon is a long whitish horn, this horn is only played by the direct descendant of Uwangue in the whole of Warri kingdom.
The dancing method is also different, with hands on your elbow, you bow dance systematically following the sound of the MABA.
See you at Big Warri (Ode Itsekiri)

By Aliwere