Ogiame Atuwatse III

The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III has announced the dissolution of all Traditional Council, Committees and Sub-Committees of Warri Kingdom. This was announced via a letter dated 1st of September 2021 from Aghofen (The Olu of Warri’s Palace) and duly signed by Ogiame Atuwatse III. Historically, a new Olu is expected to revalidate and reconfirm the Chieftaincy titles of his Ojoyes (Chiefs) as they form the team that helps him to manage the Itsekiri Nation during his reign.

Please see the full letter below.

Below is the schedule for the revalidation and confirmation of the Chieftaincy titles of Warri Kingdom.

Thursday 2nd September 2021

S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe The lyatsere of Warri Uji
2 Chief Gabriel Awala The Uwangue of Warri Orieku
3 Chief Kofi Kartey The Abolujiyan of Warri Ebirenegbo
4 Chief Brown Mene The Ogwaolusan of Warri Esemuede
5 Chief (Dr.) Roland. I. Oritsejafor The Ogwa of Warri Uwa-Eye
6 Chief (Dr.) C. D. Ikomi The Ero of Warri Kingdom Aleogua
7 Chief (Madam) Roli O. Oritsejafor The lyelomaete of Warri Ogbodu – lyawa
8 Chief Billy Besigiwa The Osolo of Warri Ogboge – Nijebu
9 Chief Eddy Eyitemi Olley The Agbarame (Ofone) of Warri Kingdom Eni
10 Chief Omolubi Newuwumi The Oma Tamudenyin of Warri Kingdom Egindeghere Ugbo
11 Chief Clement Akpeto Maleghemi The Udefi of Warri Kingdom Udefi Obaloye
12 Chief Solomon Arenyeka The Eson of Warri Kimgdom Otueje
13 Chief (Barr.) Robinson Ariyo The Egogo of Warri Kingdom Arayuwa
14 Chief (Dr.) Eugene Ikomi (JP) The Olulaye of Warri Kingdom Oghoroiu

Saturday 4th September 2021

Monday 6th September 2021

S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief Roland A. Omagbemi The Ewolufun of Warri Kingdom Ogban
2 Chief (Engr.) Anthony Onuwaje The Aboluwo of Warri Kingdom Onogunjegbe
3 Chief Fred Ogbe The Idorsu of Warri Kingdom Eginoghoyo
4 Chief Prest Udueyin The Akwinitsokan of Warri Kingdom Adobodoji
5 Chief (Mrs.) Mercy Olowu The Utukpa Oritse Erun of Warri Eriegwa
6 Chief Eyitemi Arthur Diden The Ide Ofene of Warri Kingdom Agboburukunjakan
7 Chief Akoma Dimeyin The Omokun of Warri Kingdom Egbewuru

Tuesday 7th September 2021

S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Caroline Ajuyah The Olunuranran of Warri Kingdom Iro’lobe
2 Chief Dr. Joseph S. Otumara The Obarisuwa of Warri Kingdom Osuolele
3 Chief Francis Maku The Ikenlorire of Warri Kingdom Ijeguen
4 Chief Luck Ereku The Atseti-Olu of Warri Kingdom Ogiesamalele
5 Chief Alex Omaghomi The Imaran of Warri Kingdom Omayoye
6 Chief Mike Odeli The Olorogun of Warri Kingdom Okolokotuse
7 Chief (Mrs.) Winifred Egbejule The Oyeifo of Warri Kingdom Otsowode
S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief Barr. Edward Ekpoko The Tolureju of Warri Kingdom Erebeni
2 Chief Amanoritsewo Atiwa The Otsoron of Warri Kingdom Edegberoko
3 Chief (Barr.) Olivia Agbajoh The Oyewumi of Warri Kingdom Egudeghe
4 Chief Tony Ede The Uwa Olu Etan of Warri Kingdom Eribonosioba
5 Chief Emmanuel Uduaghan The Alema of Warri Kingdom Agbegherendiden
6 Chief Samuel Oritsejolomisan Omamuli The Uwa-Oyiboyami of Warri Kingdom Akulagba
S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief T. Yahaya Pessu The Ojomo of Warri Utioba
2 Chief G.T. Grant The Agura-Otiri of Warri Kingdom Agbusibiro
3 Chief (Mrs.) R. L. Ogbebor The lgba of Warri Kingdom Irojowo
4 Chief Felix Esisi The Olare-Aja of Okere Ogieboro
5 Chief Prof. Grace Alele-Williams The Utukpa lwere of Warri Kingdom Oluebeie
6 Chief Prof. Itse Sagay The Olufusi of Warri Kingdom Ogodobiri
7 Chief Tunde Okoturo The Ugo of Warri Kingdom Ugoniwere
8 Chief Leemon Ikpea The Odolagbon of Warri Kingdom Edemayogho
9 Chief Sen. Daisy Danjuma The Aguralwere of Warri Kingdom Ewakpakpa
S/No Name Title Appellation
1 Chief (Dr.) P.E. Uku The Ere Oluyon of Warri Ere-Egwa
2 Chief (MD) O. Enonuwaewu The Olujimi of Warri Ugbogboebebe
3 Chief Marten Wink The Olaye of Warri Omatson-Ighele
4 Chief Abraham Kefas The Ajoloja of Warri Omotseghele
5 Chief Sam Amatotsero The Oluyemi of Warri Kingdom Omotsonighele
6 Chief Mrs. Patricia Otuedon Arawore The AtsejuOlu of Warri Kingdom Ogifie
7 Chief Fred Edegbele The Ikenuwa of Warri Kingdom Orurunagbakiridi
8 Chief Emmanuel Omamofe Ejutse The Uranran Ogiame of Warri Kingdom Ekoro-Usin
9 Chief Dr. Mogba Eyeoyibo The Ogholuwarami of Warri Kingdom Otsofu
10 Chief Josephine Onemu The Ogwa Olu Ete of Warri Kingdom Eperugo